Sunday, January 9, 2011

Where time takes a break...

I came to Goa on 6th January, in a little grumpy state of mind, as I wanted to stay in Bangalore for few weeks after Delhi. May be it was also because I couldn’t connect to Goa in my last trip, in 2008.

I hadn’t checked my mail. I wasn’t sure about the locality of the guest house/ hotel accommodation. I landed early morning and went straight to meet Sonu who was staying here for some work.

By evening, I knew I will be staying with my team mates - Utsav, Adwait and Niti, in a place called Caranzalem in Tiswadi district, near Panaji.

And after office, when I was returning to guest house, quiet and tired, an affair started.

This time Goa didn’t refuse to recognize me. I saw the cruises and casinos on the river Mandovi and then crossed passed Miramar beach to reach a small sleepy place called Talegaon. My friends stopped there to pick up some grocery and then soon we reached our guest house, called Darius Avenue, in quiet and lovely place behind Model Millennium society.

I had never seen this side of Goa and that this close. Unlike last time, when I stayed in a classy but secluded resort in South Goa; this time, I have developed the feel.

Well, only two more days have passed since, but the description below may explain, that the impression Goa has already created in my mind is nothing less than, magical.

On 7th morning, Utsav and I went to the beach in front of our house.

It’s relatively quiet beach and almost of half of it, is the home of the fishermen.

The means and end

And some unfortunate ones caught in fish-net..

On 8th morning, I had nothing much to do. Booked a ticket for Kuhoo to join me at Goa during next weekend.

Utsav and Adwait had plans to visit the Iron Ore mines of Sesa. Niti had planned to go to “ShriMangesh Prasanna” temple in Ponda (spelt as Fonda) district. I didn’t want to be left alone; I joined Niti for the temple. The temple is called “Mangeshi” temple. Lord Shiva is with a moustache and beards here.

We ditched the cab; took a local bus. En route I again sensed the flavor of Goa as the bus took the route next to Mandovi river.

A barge in Mandovi river (A barge is a flat bottom small ship that carries goods from Jetties (like pick up points) to deep sea ships)

St Francis Xavier church (Also called Goencho Saiba or the Lord of Goa. His dead body is kept in the old church)

The Mangeshi temple (Mentioned in Skand Purana; and the Shivalinga was established by Lord Brahma himself)

Later Utsav and Adwait joined us at the Mangeshi temple. The second half of day was planned for Aguada fort and Baga beach.

Aguada fort (the place where some shots of Goa in movie Dil Chahta Hai were taken)


At Baga Beach, we saw a very ‘generous’ crowd. We had lunch there and enjoyed the waves. I did Jet Ski and returned after a coffee in evening.

Today is Sunday. But some office work needs to be completed first. Once done, in second half, we will plan going somewhere.

Time will take a break again..

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