Sunday, September 24, 2017

A life of details..

Few weeks back on a Friday, a meeting started at 6.30 PM. It was a tough discussion, on a technically complex topic with multiple interdependencies and unknowns. Joined only to ensure everyone gets clarity on next steps. But towards the end, I was one completely drained.

‘Why do you take everything on yourself?’ asked Kuhoo. She calls every evening to remind that I have a home to come back to.

On the way back, the taxi driver explained why I should opt for ECP rather than taking Marine Parade Road. Later at home, saw in the news that Federer lost to one Del Porto. And before I slept, a friend messaged that of late I appear hoary and hassled. 

‘Even this shall pass…’ I thought. Weekend was coming.

..of lost identities..

But my little daughter refuses to cognize weekends. 

So I got up as usual on Saturday; and sat in the living room facing the balcony. Nice clouds, lots of wind and Ira in my lap, rehearsing the poems she learnt recently. She would kiss me occasionally and smile. And I would forget how ugly or stupid I look to the world.

Time is changing. Many take themselves too seriously. Some are serious about their wisdom, some about their looks. And then that desperation for such wisdom or looks to be admired. Yet no one sticks to a King Solomon or Marilyn Monroe. 

As a result it seems, desperation in growing into identity crisis. Looking good is no more enough, comparisons are necessary, others must be proved 'not good enough'. If that doesn't work, try tantrums, absurdity if must.

A life of details..

I haven’t been able to fit in much. Somewhat lonely in my life of details. But I still see each person is inimitable. And I have learnt to be even more patient.

It feels so bad to see how quickly our young ones get bored. Video games come with life-like graphics, devices are simple to use and exciting. One can become a Joe or Alex, a champion racer or fighter and that with a re-start button. Recognition is easy and quick in the virtual world; real life requires a lot more rigor, a lot more routine.

It’s not all gloom and doom though. These kids are quicker learners. They also have a wider network. They are just different. And they are in rush. Perhaps they see world changing quicker than we’ve seen so far.

It’s more critical than ever before that we let these kids decide which subject or sports interest them. And while they pursue their interests; we leave them with a couple of cardinal advice:

First, they should not carry any sense of entitlement. No one is obliged to entertain them, much less care for what they want. So they may have to walk alone. If they get any help or encouragement, they should be grateful.

Second, it’s ok to be ordinary. But they must take things up. Fail or excel, but don’t let a false recognition drift them away from their purpose. Keep in mind that some of the most reliable things in this world are made by people who failed the most.