Monday, May 4, 2015

Let go..

The challenge of our lives has never been in reaching extremes. It has been in reaching the right balance and staying relevant.
Guess we all learn this as time passes by, sooner or later. To me, the change process has been quite a hassle though.
Don’t let go..
Undeniably over the years I have developed a tendency to not let go. I fell several times, and rose stronger.
This tendency has helped me overcome all failures and fallacies so far. One day when my life demanded me to study statistics, I studied statistics; then it pointed towards law, I did law; and the pattern continues as I continue to respond and learn newer tricks and trades. The thought has been, if I can manage 10, why can’t 15; when 15, why can’t 20, and so on. If there ever was a question on ‘can I?’ I responded staring right into the sun. I didn’t let go.
 ‘Never let go’ has been my strength; and but as it turns out to be, it is also my weakness. It feels like that frog sitting in gradually warming water.
I accept the challenge without realizing I may be nearing the extreme. It does not let me balance.
Let go..
Guess it is an art, not an easy one to master.
‘Let go’ means we let go what we ever dreamed of, what we ever got our emotions attached to. It takes a lot of mental strength to ‘let go’ without keeping any grudge or negativity. For people, who ‘don’t let go’, it can be way more difficult than I may describe. It may feel like giving up or contradicting ourselves, bit hypocritical sometimes.
But I have had few moments of ‘let go’. For all the inner conflicts they caused, the outcome of ‘let go’ has been sheer peace. At times, it plays out like childhood, like we ask for something; if we get that we are happy, otherwise too, we aren’t too sad, and enjoy what comes next.
‘Don’t let go’ is a necessary evil. ‘Let go’ is an optional bliss.
But if happiness is our final destination and right balance is the prerequisite, ‘let go’ is not optional anymore. We must let go.
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