Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Wet Towel Dilemma...

Yesterday morning, I came out of bathroom, half naked. As usual I was racing against the clock to start for office. Dressed myself and came out for breakfast.

“Have you left the wet towel again on the bed”, Kuhoo inquired arranging the plates.

Shoulders down, I tried my standard answer, “There was no other place”.

She smiled like a stubborn boss, “There are lots of places to keep if you look around”. I normally don’t argue back when she is smiling; you’ll never know what is in her sleeves.

But the problem continues and here I explain.
  • The bathroom is attached to the bedroom. The most visible object I see coming out of the bathroom is my bed.
  • It’s also the place where my shirt and trousers are kept for wearing that day. Jumping on one leg when I put on the trousers, the bed is the only place I can throw the towel.
  • And I must free my hands to secure the buttons and zip else the outcome can be worse, considering my maid can anytime barge into the room without knocking the door even once.
  • The other option I have is to go jumping on one leg towards the balcony and keep the towel on the wire. But the problem is - my balcony is visible from my hot padosan’s kitchen. She is the spice of my life currently and I don’t want to be seen by her when I am not properly dressed.
  • I could have attempted a Salman or even a John Abraham, but the problem is I have only one pack to show.
  • Twice I gave that to Adi to keep the towel on a chair. But he tied that around his neck and started running around, “I am Per-man”.
  • Once I threw it under the bed but that night I was asked to wash it.
Friends actually I don’t want to test Kuhoo patience but I am running short of ideas. Can you help?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Awards and New Friends..

This blog is to thank IHM and Mampi for the awards they have given me.

This one 'Bloggers for World Peace' came from IHM with comments: "Some bloggers give us Hope. They are bloggers who care, for ALL THE CITIZENS of this World. These bloggers can see above the generalizations of Caste, Community, Religion, Language, Region, Race and National boundaries. They are the hope of our UNITY IN DIVERSITY".

This one 'Proximidade Award' came from Mampi with comments: "The citation of the award reads that this award is given to a blog that invests and believes in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships!"

Thanks Friends.

And you know what you have done ? You have given me links to some new bloggers who I have added in my favorites list.