Sunday, February 26, 2012

Return of Magic..

It’s been more than two months since we shifted to KL.

We still find ourselves rapt with nostalgia; and with multitude of emotions that creeps in, quietly and more frequently than we can ignore. Perhaps we haven’t yet found the connection, with the land and with people here; makes us value all we had in India.

November 2011..

Last few weeks in India were difficult. My beloved aunt passed away, within an hour, when we met after a number of years. Adi had to say good bye to friends he has grown up with. Kuhoo had to leave the place that she had set up so fondly. I distracted myself into work, once again, to bury my feelings.

“Papa, those toys aren't broken !”, Adi sounded bit whining as I continued packing.

“Beta, we should give the ones they can play with. Stop me for those you don’t want to give.” I smiled.

Adi stood thinking for few moments, and finally nodded.

On that last sunday of November, early morning, we left for Rakum, a school for the blind and the orphans in Bangalore, to give all we couldn’t pack or didn’t need anymore. During the drive Adi asked, “Papa, do you believe in Magic”?


Kuhoo was a bit surprised, “Aren’t all magicians do a trick?”

Adi looked at her, unconvinced but didn’t speak further.

I looked at Kuhoo, “Magic is not what a magician does”.

“So what is it?” Kuhoo smiled.

“Magic is what makes me see that defies explanation”.

“You mean…”

“There is an element of God in magic; that inspires us, humbles us. If you believe in God, magic stays in your life”


Last evening, we sat in the balcony, with reflective thoughts. Life may not appear easier here, but we surely have grown stronger. Adi joined us. “You remember polar express”?

“Yes. Don’t remember the exact story though”.

“I remember polar express”, his eyes shined.

Adi sounds abrupt at times; it takes a while to get to what he actually wants to say. I tried to remember. “..the thing about trains, it doesn’t matter where they’re going. What matters is deciding to get on…”.

There were several times in my past life when things didn’t work out the way I wanted to, but I am happy I tried. I followed my heart every time I could and am happy that Adi promises the same believe and optimism.

Pic by Dabs

The faith stays...the magic will return...