Monday, January 17, 2011

A place over the rainbow...

The very first day, I had decided to call Kuhoo and Adi at Goa. And by weekend, it was like calling them ‘whatever it takes’.

She loves beaches… opposite to my preference towards hills…and then Goa offers somewhat a mix of the two..

First day, we spent some time in evening at Miramar beach. Joined a group in kit flying and then sat quiet for the sunset. Later we joined the cruise on the river Mandovi .

Perhaps there is something in the air or the world is changing. We noticed the slow moving traffic, honeymooners’ confidence and then people sitting on roadside benches.

Last two days in Goa have been amazing. Fun in the air and in the eyes, I joined my crazy ones for Baga beach, Aquada Fort etc.. did shopping of 'God-knows-what' at every street and corner.

Mobiles off..two days completely on..water sports, tatoos, sand-castles and a lot of mindlessness.Two days of doing nothing..or not doing anything..whatever explains it..

No story to it feels like..being part of this place over the rainbow..


How do we know said...

this is cho chweet!!

smitha said...

Now, I feel like goin to GOA :(