Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A trip to Yercaud..

Went to Yercaud last weekend to celebrate Kuhoo's birthday.

Found it nice. Herewith some travel tips:
  • It is only 220 KM from Bangalore. Ideal for a couple of days trip. Road (NH7) is very good. Drive yourself, it takes around 3.5 Hrs.
  • It's peaceful and yet not commercially spoilt. Try one of the hotels - Grand Palace, Sterlings, Lake Forest and Shevaroys.
  • Rose Garden and Pagoda Point are good. Killiyur (fall) is good but difficult to go with small kids. There are other places like Ladies Seat, Lake Boat etc where you can spend some time.
  • Don't buy perfumes unless you want them only as souvenirs.

All the best.


Srestha said...

hey manish..thnx 4 da tip....grt i cme aftr i m better...

Vivek Ranjan said...

Good One Monu Bhaiya..... Where is this place??

zipxx said...

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Pinku said...

lovely pics....and a the best wishes for Kuhoo.

Wish i could get away for a short trip too....been over nine months since I left the city. :(

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