Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Addictions...

Last week Mampi tagged me to write about my addictions. Thanks friend, it’s so nice of you. You made me think.

Actually I never thought I am addicted to anything or anyone. But when I understood the definition of ‘Addiction’, I guess I have too many. Herewith I share with you some those sit at the top.

1. Bridges

I too believe that some words have physical meaning not just meaning; depending on how they sound or conjure up in mind. To me, a bridge is one such word.

Bridges always attract me. I have photographed hundreds of bridges (added below a few).

Bridges connect, physically and mentally. It connects places and it also connects people. It also connects time. A bridge called ‘memory’ connects me to my past; a bridge called ‘dream’ connects me to future. (For those who have read - Bridges on Madison County; a bridge called Robert Kincaid connected Francesca to her childhood dream).

If two may construct a bridge in between they become friends; and if they are ready to cross to other side, it’s love.

For a person like me who has always wished to connect to as many number of people as possible, bridges have a strong presence inside.

2. Time Dilation

Well, in class 8, I came to know about the concept of ‘Time Dilation’. And since, this concept has amused me the most.

Consider, you are traveling with (or near to) the speed of light. (This will happen in years to come, for sure some day). And that day friends, time dilation will show. I will see your and my clock showing different time !

Read this link:

“…Consider two spaceships, A and B. The ships are moving relative to each other at a speed close to c. There is a clock in each ship. Both clocks keep time accurately, and people in both ships can see both clocks. Strangely, the people in the two ships will read the clocks differently. The people in Spaceship A will observe that the clock in Spaceship B is running more slowly than the clock in Spaceship A. But the people in Spaceship B will observe that the clock in Spaceship A is running more slowly than the clock in Spaceship B.

Time dilation actually occurs at all relative velocities. But at everyday velocities, even the most sensitive instruments cannot detect it. Thus, people are not aware of time dilation as they go about their normal activities….”

If you have interest in time and space, please open an account in and you will amazed to see the articles, photographs, research notes there. This is an amazing world. This is my other addiction.

3. Being among the hills
I am very fond of traveling. And I am at my best if the destination is a hill.

It’s strange, as I see myself born and brought up in the plains. I have sat for hours on a hill top. Perhaps on a hill you are nearer to the God.

Before I die, I will tell my son to throw my ashes somewhere among the hills. May be, if God gives me another life, that time I will grow among the hills.


Aurora Sky said...

thanks for dropping by at my blog. u have a lovely blog here as well...i cried while reading 'bridges of madison county'..that kind of love is just so rare to find...
like the name of ur blog too...ur always welcome to comment on mine, so pls don't hesitate..

Mampi said...

Unusual addictions.
Very enjoyble.
Thanks for doing the tag.

ThoughtSafari said...

Very nice!

How do we know said...

As usual, very nice post. :-)

I share the addiction with the mountains. Big Time.

Pinku said...


being addicted to bridges is just so beautiful...

and that thought about ashes is sad but lovely.

All the pics are very nice.

Indian Home Maker said...

Addiction to bridges is so beautiful, lovely pictures too :) Me too loves mountains.
In school, I used to wish we could move faster than time from another planet and reach some time in History and see what actually was happening :))
My knowledge of time and light speeds is like kids' science fiction standard, lol :)

Anonymous said...

wow! amazing addictions! very different n interesting from what I hv read so far!