Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Alter Ego..

Pic by Ajay Sudhanshu

“Tell me the name of the person you wish to be like”, asked John Williams. “You may also share why but that’s optional”.

“Al Gore”. I replied. “He is one of those who have taken up the fight against common human greed”.

We were attending a workshop conducted by John Williams, the principal and founder of an Australian consulting firm called JHW Pty Ltd. After replying I sat down, thinking whether it was necessary to share the why. It came out of spontaneity as I have been impressed with Al Gore’s contribution and the purpose he carries in life. Of course some of the participants immediately gave me that 'wtf ' look.

Today we justify our actions only on a profit scale, and that too on the immediate profit. If there is no profit, any thought or action in any direction is considered waste of time and energy. Greed is justified and charity is a bad word. Resources or human resources, have to be exploited as their use may not be profitable enough; and just say to the world we leverage them, let people guess the meaning and intention.

A profession, to my understanding, was guided by method. I grew up thinking that teaching, consulting, medical, legal practices etc. are professions (guided by method) and not businesses (guided by result). Once I shouted at a friend who said sex is world's oldest profession and lectured him on not to confuse a trade with profession.

But over the years, the connotations have changed. We have changed. Despite we all aspired to be guided by method, someone's greed took over and made us all guided by result. Interestingly, at many occasions, it was our greed only that made us what we are; and not what we wanted to be. Today many of us have a split personality.

We like cost cutting in organizations where we are a shareholder, promoter or owner; but not in the organizations where we are employed. Till the time we are not impacted (as employees or otherwise), we prefer talking about profits, not about who may suffer; and so do the people who we consider responsible for global warming, terrorism, etc.

I like Al Gore because he is undeterred in his fight. Recent devastation at Kedarnath Dham has almost sunk my heart. Only those who've ever come to Kedarnath know how beautiful this place is or was.

Ancient Evenings and Distant Music

It is time, we bring method in our approach towards an end. I have taken that road and it is my personal performance criteria to keep the method alive. Our shadows also won't stay behind.

Pic by Bhawani

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