Sunday, November 20, 2011

..a kiss to build story on...

(On 15th November evening, I had a small discussion with my colleagues in office on what next after business solutions on mobile.)

I tossed the idea of:

Stage 1:
  • If mobile can answer the sound waves with an inbuilt sensor, we may possibly have a sensor built to catch the neuro/ brain waves as well. I am sure we will be able to get there because brain waves/ nervous system do instruct all the body organs;
  • If aforesaid is achieved, such sensors can be implanted in human brain itself. (I mean chips those may receive brain/ neuro waves/ instructions);
  • If aforesaid is achieved, we don’t need a mobile, just by thinking about someone, with the brain waves we will be able to send and receive information like telepathy between one person to another through chips implanted in our brain. (Exact recognition options can be designed as a human mind identifies people with several parameters...and not just with name and/or number);
  • If aforesaid is achieved, and we may be able to develop applications for not only business but also for each and every person for his/ her day to day work. The whole population (not just those using a mobile phone) in the world could be our potential market. (Desktops > Laptops > Mobile > Brain Chips)

Stage 2:
  • Later we may manage to build an interceptor to receive brain waves (with a database of all recognition options in point 3 above) which are not necessary directed to us;
  • If aforesaid is achieved, we may be able to catch the thought process of any person in future.
  • If aforesaid is achieved, we will know who all are our potential customers.
I know friends, aforesaid appears crazy. But landing on moon was equally crazy to those who fought the first war of Panipat.

But my own idea scared me last night.

If this technology was available as of yesterday (on my 8th anniversary), Kuhoo might have known everything that went through my mind (written in italics with my each response during conversations yesterday)

Sometime in morning.

K : “Happy Anniversary”.
M: “Oh dear, I was going to say that..and you spoke”. (...God I forgot my anniversary again…how does she remember this always..when she forgets her ATM pin, Adi’s bus number etc…)

K : “I Love you”
M : “ too. More than anyone else in the world” (Shit..I could have said this at least before she did)

K : “You remember our first anniversary?”
M : “Off course” (Off course not)

K : “I sat near the river early morning. That second arghya day of Chatth Puja”.
M : “Yes...and I stood in the river watching you” (...was that second arghya day of Chatth ? so inhuman, how could you remember all that ?)

K : “So what’s the plan?”
M : “Not'll love it..” (Which plan ? I just want to sleep please...)

K : “OK. I bring tea for you”
M : “Thank You. I will go to Adi’s school after that. Be ready by that time.”

I went to Adi’s school to apply for his School Leaving Certificate etc. I came back around 11 AM. Mummy too wanted to give something to her ladli Bahu. To my scare both of them were ready by the time I returned.

K : “We are going to Chemmanur”. She was unable to hold back the grin.
M : I smiled. “Even I wanted to go there”. (...get poorer by 25K at least..)

K : “Really?”. Her eyes shining…she was sure of two gifts now…one each from mummy and me.
M : “Indeed. I got down at Bowbazar to buy something...but couldn’t buy.” (well another reason of getting down there was the lovely crowd at Bowbazar. But I couldn’t buy because of the hand-rickshaw puller event written in my last post )

K : “Is this saree looking good?”
M : “Yeah..very nice” (...does that matter ?)

K : “You remember this one?”
M : “Yes” (No)

K : “You bought this on my birthday”
M : “Yes” ( am I supposed to remember..they all look the same)

K : “We will stop by at McD while coming back”
M : “Sure”

Mummy looked perplexed with the idea of lunch at McD. But Adi was happy. I didn’t want to spoil their mood. We completed shopping, had something at McD and came back home.

K : “Let’s go to Hypercity”
M : “Anything specific?” (We just came back ?)

K : “General grocery stuff, fruits and vegetables”
M : “ok”

Then we went to Hypercity. Kuhoo started with her intense shopping; bought a chocolate cake. Engaging Adi is easy; just buy him a car. We could come back home by 9 PM.

K : “Too late na..I was thinking, should we order Pizza ? Adi too wanted to have Pizza today”. Adi appeared like a puppy wagging its if he never had Pizza for years. And all he eats is plain garlic bread.

M : “Yup. Normal or thin crust?” (It just came out of me...but it gave an impression of how much I care.)

K : “Normal. Thin crust you order for yourself”. She smiled.

I ordered a veggie supreme for myself and a chicken one for Kuhoo. Pizza came. It was around 11.00 PM by the time we could finish and go to bed.

K : “Promise me. You’ll always love me like this”. And I got a kiss to build story on.
M : “Love you...always”. ( I have an option?)


Lucky said...

He he he.. This one is awesome.. Tussi Great ho!! :)

How do we know said...

just make sure Kuhu doesnt read it for a while.. yet.

Dheer said...

:))) hope bhabhi had a good laugh before she kicked ur ass.. lol

Nishi Kant said...

revityBeta, Bhabhi ko pata chal gaya to jo kuch bacha hua bal hai, wo bhi jayega... Hope she does not read your blogs

Manish Raj said...

@ Nimit - Thank you !!

@ HDWK - Kuhoo has read it. Already kicked me twice :)

@ Sudhir - She laughed yes. And she kicked before as well as after laughing.

@ Nishi - She reads all my blogs. Most of them I show before publishing.

Pinku said...

hey manish,

Congrats on the anniversary!! (u are probably thinking whichb one)

btw where are u off to? why the school leaving certificate?