Saturday, February 26, 2011

Can something happen over Chai ?

I took a U-turn from Sarjapura junction. It was dark and cloudy. A sudden evening rain had created a kind of traffic mess on the outer ring road.

Somewhere before Bellandur my phone rang; I took left and stopped the car to attend the call.

By the time I finished the call, I heard a thud at the rear left side. For once I thought someone had hit my car. Pissed off, I looked behind. A girl stood with an umbrella, holding the door half open.



“Will you go to Marathalli”?

The genius friends I had dropped at Sarjapura junction had left the doors open. She was almost inside the car, possibly a little desperate too, due to rain and traffic situation.

“Ok. But ...” I tried to speak.

“Koi baat nahi..extra le lena..ab chalo”, she sat in the car.

I don’t think I looked like a driver. But wearing beard and a dirty white t-shirt; driving an iron-age Alto in a dull evening; there was a remote possibility that she might have misunderstood.

“I am coming. Please wait. Lot of traffic today” She spoke over the phone. “Bhaiya..aap thora jaldi le lo please”.

The ‘Bhaiya’ insult was too difficult to bear. It killed whatsoever little hope of romance I was left with.

I kept driving ahead. My CD played the next song 'O re piya' (from Aaja Nachle). Saw her hearing the song quietly. “Hindi samajh bol lete ho"? She obviously liked that song.

“Haan”. I saw her trying to see my face. I switched the gear and looked out.

“Tum aur log nahi bithaoge"?

“Nahin. Aapnay bola na..jaldi chalo..”

“Theek hai. I will pay you extra..tum Rohan Vasantha apartment tak drop kar doge kya”?

“Theek hai”.

Rohan Vasantha is just opposite to my apartment. My phone rang again. I had to pick up. I had to reply to the caller that I will be in Mumbai next Monday.

She got a little suspicious; but by that time we had reached Rohan Vasantha. She came out..and saw my face.

“I am sorry”, came with a blush.

“But I thought you’ll say thanks”. I could not stop smiling. “Don’t worry I stay in the apartment the other side of the road”.

“Thanks. Actually I have to go out in few minutes. Will it be possible to catch up over an evening tea someday”?

“Sure”, I smiled and took the reverse gear.

They say a lot can happen over coffee. Does that apply to chai as well ?


DabralS said...

Yes !! it can be :P .. well thanks for that picture!!

Manish Raj said...

Dear Bhavani

You tea pics at Facebook album Dropbox was lovely..I used that..THANK YOU..


Utsav said...

Kyaaa baat hai sirji..!! So wens the chai time??? :P n also let us know wat happened over chai ;)

How do we know said...

given that its you, nothing will happen over Vishnu Puran also, chai to bahut chhoti baat hai.. someone who gets out of attention situations by giving a Russel Live name and falls asleep on a flight with a gud looking girl... kuchh nahi hona.

Manish Raj said...

@ Utsav - Kuch nahi yaar. Mere ya uske pass phone number hi nahi...

@ HDWK - Grrrr..ruk ja tu..aata hoon Gurgaon..

my space said...

:-), :-) :-) :-) :-)...:-) :-)

do u get it ? cant stop smiling :-)

smitha said...

I am ROLFing...I cant stop laughing...

Why does such things happen with you? hahahahaha!!!

pinknblu said...

Have just been to Marathahalli and the Airforce colony close by - opp the Brand Factory. A one day meeting with my daughter. No romance... just a basketful of dried dead fallen leaves