Monday, December 27, 2010

The memory lane..again..

Yesterday, we came back late after an afternoon trip to Bheemtal. I thought it was a reason sufficient for late rising today morning.

And around 8 AM today, we both (Adi and I) were awake and were trying to fake asleep.

Silence broke. Kuhoo came in the room, dispensed a cup of tea almost on my head, “We are going to Corbett Park. Get up both of you”. To my horror, she had already taken bath by that time.

Adi got up immediately, eyes shining. Message was clear to me; both the terrorists were now on the prowl. I had to get up. Mission statement was given. No questions solicited.

We started from Haldwani at 9 AM. Bhaiya drove the car. Fresh and chill air of Kaladungi forest welcomed us. Holiday was on.

We reached Ramnagar around 10.45 AM. There we had to get into an open jeep and we were asked to wear caps. Of course, both of us hate that.

I had to do something more objectionable to get rid of the stupid cap. I told Kuhoo I will drive the car to the forest. I told since childhood I am passionate about driving an open jeep in a quiet hilly forest. And to her dismay, the driver agreed. Cap was no more mandatory.

I sat on the back seat. And we moved ahead in the forest. Adi was having fun. Kuhoo said she wanted to sit with me.

Of course, I had to wear the cap finally.

After a number of years, we were on the memory lane. We remembered the days spent in Dehradun, the hills, the quiet of the forest and the nip in the air.

Lived those beautiful moments; forgave and forgot the world and myself. Time stopped once again. We completed the safari trip sometime in afternoon.

Our next stop was – Mata Girija Temple - around 20 KM from Ramnagar.

Honestly it is one of the best places I have been to. The temple is in middle of the river on a small cliff surrounded by white sand.

Goddess Girija is an avatar of Goddess Durga. The stairs are steep but safe and manageable.

It was evening by the time, we completed our prayers. Spent some time near the river stream and came back home. 


How do we know said...

awesome!! and that pic of u and Adi in cap is sooo cute!

Cranium said...

Bahut Badhiya.