Sunday, December 6, 2009

For your eyes only..

(The pressure project is almost over and I am enjoying the festive season now. Also have some plans to go to Munnar-Alleppy during the year-end. Thought I will delurk today to share an event. Trivial, but have to get started anyway.)

I and Kuhoo used to take short trips to Delhi from Dehradun. We were enjoying our first year of marriage. Our trips were hardly planned, most of times, we used to dump few t-shirts, jeans and a towel and head started for any place within an hour.

Dehradun Shatabdi express used to leave New Delhi around 7’o clock in the morning. Around the same time, from same platform number, another Shatabdi (Swarna Shatabdi) used to leave for Amritsar. The two trains used to stand in line, Dehradun Shatabdi ahead of Swarna Shatabdi.

As usual we reached during the last minute and jumped into the train. It was a little less crowded though. We threw ourselves on the chairs and tried to catch breath.

“I am coming in few minutes,” Kuhoo went towards the rest room. I waited for the train to start.

Even after 15 minutes, train did not start and, Kuhoo did not return.

A little worried, I went up to check. I checked all the rest rooms in adjacent bogeys, there was no sign of her. I got anxious.

I approached a TTC standing nearby. He directed me towards one Mr Sharma, a fat and aged looking person who worked for railway protection force.

By that time, I had lost my bearings; I spoke, “My Kuhoo is missing. Can you help?” (I spelled Kuhoo instead of wife. Mr Sharma thought she is my daughter.)

“Relax. Train is delayed for an hour. Have you checked everywhere?”

“Yes. No sign”.

“What is she wearing?”

“I am not sure. I red or pink top and blue or black jeans perhaps”.

“Come on, you should pay attention to these things”.

“I am sorry”. (I was trying to remember. She has a dozen of similar looking tops. It’s humanly impossible to figure out the difference. )

“I will get this announced right away. What’s her age?”


“Is she? Oh. Your wife? Your wife is missing?” Mr Sharma suddenly appeared a little relaxed.


“Have you called on her mobile?”

“I did. It is switched off”.

“See I don’t think one can kidnap her here. Please don’t mind my asking. “Were you in good terms with her? Any possibility of her running away?”

I ridiculed the question. “We love each other, and she will never run away”. (I am not that lucky anyways till today)

“I understand it’s difficult for you to search in this crowd, but keep looking. I will get this announced”.

As he turned towards the gate, I saw Kuhoo coming. I called back Mr Sharma.

“Where were you?” I almost shouted.

Kuhoo was smiling, “I heard train is delayed for an hour. I saw Komal in Amritsar Shatabdi. I sat with her inside. I was seeing you from there. What happened?”

“Yaar you didn’t tell me. How will I know?. I can’t see you in hundreds of people here”.

“But I can”. Kuhoo blinked.

Mr Sharma too smiled, “See you can’t find your wife in crowd, but she can”.

Kuhoo started towards the train. Mr Sharma came again. “Well this also means she always keeps an eye on you”. (She still does. But that's life. Isn't it ?)


How Do said...

ROTFL.. this post has so much love and humour together.. when was the last time someone told u that u r lucky to be married to someone like her? ;-)

Manish Raj said...

HDWK..well do I have options ;)

ThoughtSafari said...

hahaha, this was a good one :)

Chaitali Shah said...

Good one! But I wish to marry someone who could spot in crowd of 100 though :)

Manish Raj said...

@ TS - Boss, thanks for that. What's the plan for New Year ?

@ Chaitali - Honestly, that is not too difficult. I can try. Should I ;)

Pinku said...

thats so cute...glad i came and read this post.

Love to all of you...and a very happy new year...hope the plans for the vacations materialized.

Manish Raj said...

Hi Pinku

Thank You and same to you :)

Yes, I could go to Munnar and Alleppy; thinking to post a travelogue soon :)

How was your new year ? Busy ?

Happy New Year again.

Kiran said...

how sweet :)
that's what i call love :)

happy new year!

zirelda said...

How funny. I thoroughly enjoyed this post.

Manish Raj said...

@ Kiran - Thank you. I too, now.

@ Zieralda - Thank you and a happy new year again.

Mampi said...

I loved the 'my Kuhoo' bit.