Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hello Happiness

hello happiness
its long time..

its long time,
since you crawled at me,
like you did
every time I crawled to mummy..

do you remember
the days you toddled
to hold me
when I fell on the floor..

and the days you ran
when I ran
to catch those
colourful kites..

that walk in the woods
when you smelt
with the moist soil
and fresh green leaves..

those nights we spent
among the mountains
with the bracing wind
and the bonfire..

its long time..
i miss you so often
froze in crowd..
lost in plans..

hello happiness
please come back now..
we still have a tryst
with the autumn calms.


How do we know said...

is it just my feeling, or will this poem feel equally good in Hindi? While reading the poem, i was almost translating it into Hindi automatically in my mind.. and it felt surreal in that language!

Manish Raj said...


Wow. Please share that. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

nice poem!
keep it up.