Sunday, November 4, 2012

Returns of the day...

“Will have a coffee”?

“Yes. Sure”, I said.

My life was changing too quickly during the year 2010. I had to take a few tough calls; tough on me in particular.

I sat opposite to Kavitha in office cafeteria. I was the mentor assigned to her and was supposed to help her with best possible answer to each question she might had about the organization, about her career and related future. To make things worse, she was beautiful; albeit she looks even better today.

“What is it, Manish”? She asked, unable to hold her smile.

“Nothing”, I tried to hide the clumsiness that I too, feel near the girls I am attracted to. And then, being a mentor I was supposed to appear resolute.

But it was too difficult to act before her. “Kavitha, I am not sure what I am doing, whether that is the right thing to do, whether it makes any point or gain”.

“Your gain is the number of near and dear ones you really have today. If it is for them, if it means something to them, you should go ahead”. Her eyes shone.

The roles reversed that day. Though I never told her before but since that day, to me, she remains, a girl to reckon with.

Yesterday afternoon, it was almost a déjà vu of that event when Kuhoo said the same thing, to see myself from others eyes. By the time we completed our regular monthly shopping, I didn't realize when Kuhoo teamed up with Madhu to throw a surprise get together on my birthday.

By the late evening, I was a five year old; surrounded by my cheering friends.

I realize what I could have missed had I not shifted my orientation towards personal life. I guess I returned right in time.

Kids too relished meeting again and posed one after the other. And At the stroke of 12 midnight, we cut the cake.


I feel grown up. And I see my gain today.


Thank you all. God Bless you all.