Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The longer line..

Sometime back we had an emotional discussion over who would win this world cup.

We talked for hours before I got my chance. I told Australia had the best chance to win; followed by Sri Lanka and then India. And within few minutes I knew that to my views there were no takers.

But I still carry the impression that mostly we run our own race. And therefore it is important that we rely more on our strengths and, not that much on competitors’ weaknesses. I believe in drawing a longer line next to a line, to make the latter smaller.

I grew up during the years when Indian team and India waited for the world cup. I have seen, despite good show by India at several occasions, how teams like Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Australia went ahead of us. World Cup remained the ‘cup that counts’ while we waited for the opponent to falter for India to win.

But I think this Indian team knew their strengths and weaknesses. While they tried to come out of their weaknesses, they worked very hard on their strengths, rather than being complacent about it.

I am so happy to be wrong about predicting the winner. I am so happy that this Indian team believes in their strengths, and in drawing the longer line.

(Picture taken from an album of Ajay Sudhanshu)

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