Sunday, October 12, 2008

A City to Remember..

Last Thursday was a holiday. I took a leave for Friday as well. No specific plan, I just wanted to get some sleep.

But on Thursday morning, I forgot about the holiday and almost got ready when Kuhoo reminded me. “You are becoming mechanical day by day”, she said. “We are going to Pondicherry for a couple of days. You can carry your laptop if that is must”.

That was considerably generous announcement but I tried hard to find out something to abort the plan. “It must be hot there. I don’t want to travel that far. We need to get hotel reservations”. I failed to understand what is so special in Pondicherry; must be another beach city, madly crowded and dirty. “I am tired of leering at wet babes”.

Kuhoo was unmoved. I had to agree to drive 330 Km each side. We started late in the morning and reached Pondicherry in around 6-7 hours. We did check-in a hotel by evening.

Friday morning, I got up early and went to the sea-side (there is no sand beach in Pondicherry). I was walking on the stones kept along the sea-shore. I saw a middle aged (age around 40 something) person sitting on the stone and staring towards the horizon. “He must be doing some Yoga”, I thought.

As I approached near, he looked at me, smiled. “Good morning”, I said. But I did not stop. I did not want any lesson on Yoga etc. I kept walking.

I slowed down ahead when I saw a beautiful girl sitting on the stone and doing the same thing. She sat without any movement, without noticing the world around. I stopped. I looked around. I found another 20-25 people doing the same thing; all staring at horizon, waiting for dawn. I came back.

At breakfast in my hotel, I saw that person again. I felt caught when he greeted me again with smile. I went near him. “Who are you”? He asked.

“I am Manish”. He repeated the question. I gave my full name, my job details, my hometown etc. He kept repeating the same question. And then I received the message.

Well friends, it may not be sufficient to mention what all I discussed on the breakfast table that Friday morning. But I must tell you, most of us need to discover ourselves a lot more. We are indeed becoming very mechanical and self-centered. For last two days in Pondicherry, I have smiled and said ‘hello’ to almost everyone and have got that back almost every time.

Pondicherry is - the city of Meditation. It’s a place to be.

My new found friend was from Auroville, around 14 Km from Pondicherry. It’s a small township of people from around 40 countries, who do variety of research activities (including Yoga and Meditation) for human peace and unity. Herewith I am sharing with you some of the snaps that may describe the mood of the city.


Mampi said...

First another blogger friend and now you.
Guess I will have to travel down to Pondy soon.
I understand the WHO ARE YOU question.
Why dont you do another post on that question, about all that you discussed with your friend from Auroville.

Manish Raj said...

Hi Mampi

It's a great idea. And please let me know when you come to Bangalore.

I will do that 'Who are you' post soon.

Indian Home Maker said...

Lovely pictures.
LOL @ the generosity of being allowed to take the laptop :)
Look forward to the 'who are you' post.

Pinku said...

Manish, your post though brief and simple speaks volumes through that one question.

Have been wanting to get to Pondicherry guess you have just fired up the feeling even more.

Thanks :)

P.S: The pics are very peaceful.

How do we know said...

Ah! Pondy! Its one of those places that beckons me even without the photographs. One day for sure.

The Who are you post is awaited.